Mysore Essential Oils & Naturals (MEON) has been in the essential oil business for over 30 years. Specializing in Davana oil (Artemisia pallens Wall), Mr C.R. Shivashankar founded MEON in 1982 with his wife Chandra Kala and they play a key role in leading the company. They are joined by their son Santosh and daughter Varsha, making MEON an effective family-run business, focused on delivering top quality essential oils. India is the sole source of Davana oil, but its appeal is universal. Mr. Shiva Shankar was a pioneer in developing and growing the Davana oil market internationally in the early 80s. Davana, which was once relatively unknown, is now a favourite amongst perfumers and flavourists. This unique oil possesses a potent, luxurious scent and is sought after for its beautifully deep qualities in fragrances as well as flavouring.

Products MEON offers: Palmarosa oil, Lemongrass oil, Cardamom oil, Davana oil and Indian Basil oil.

We are presently working towards adding more essential oils to our list. We work with many reputed importers from Europe, USA and Asia. References can be provided upon request.